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4B Cloud The Web hosting is built on the high - availability cloud server . 99.99 % online rate, high security, high stability, and provides independent IP . Especially suitable for Users with high - quality requirements4B CloudT3 level data center, high-quality network environment, and rich bandwidth resources ensure the most stable, safe and efficient system operation.

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Dedicated Web hosting
Dedicated IP, unlimited traffic, exclusive server resources, faster and easy to promote

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Technical parameters

+- Basic configuration
Product parameters
Operating system Windows 2012 R2 Windows 2012 R2 Windows 2012 R2 Windows 2012 R2
Website space
Network traffic
Database type
Database size
IP address Dedicated (Easy to promote) Dedicated (Easy to promote) Dedicated (Easy to promote) Shared
Supported language
Concurrent connections
CPU model
Memory model
Number of domain addon
+- Control panel
Basic operation 主机信息容量查询主机状态套餐升级续费数据库管理域名绑定FTP管理重启主机默认首页设置404错误页面脚本错误设置MIME类型设置ISAPI程序安装PHP切换.NET切换程序池切换伪静态301重定向
Security settings FSO权限执行权限目录权限CC攻击防护DDos防护防注入导入证书
File system settings 远程下载网站搬家压缩解压缩防盗链防下载清空主机预装网站卸载证书
+- Database Control Panel
Database type SQL server 2008 MySQL
Basic operation 数据库信息容量查询修改密码修改FTP密码数据库变更 数据库信息容量查询修改密码修改FTP密码数据库变更
Console IP访问权数据库备份数据库还原清空数据库 IP访问权数据库备份数据库还原清空数据库PHPMyAdmin

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